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I am the author of a new murder/mystery entitled "Sawgrass" A tale of smuggling, greed and murder

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A Tale of Smuggling, Greed and Murder
"Great book, I couldn't put it down. Buy this book. "
Terry Coffey KISS country radio
99.9 KISS country Miami Fl

" Good read. I really enjoyed it"  Howard Finkelstein- Broward County Public Defender           

A missing cop is found dead in his car in an orange grove. Suicide or Murder?
The evidence points to murder but the bureaucrats want it to be suicide. Det Sgt. Daniel Quinn is in charge of the investigation and sets out to prove his old friend is the victim of murder and clear his name. A second murder occurs and Quinn finds a connection between the two. Quinn will be embroiled in a drug smuggling investigation and is forced to battle politics, a smuggling group and even the D.E.A.

There is a reason the book was named Sawgrass. I'll give you a hint, the reason is in the foreword but apparently forewords are not something people read. So here's the hint. Sawgrass is not what it first appears to be. Nothing in the book is as it first appears either.
I have finished a new book, the working title of which is Vesuvius. Vesuvius is in the hands of my agent Hil Mallory of New York Literary Agency. Keep your fingers crossed that it is released soon.

Everyone who has read Sawgrass wants to know when a sequel will come out. Well, I have started a new Daniel Quinn novel since it appears my fans want a Quinn series and who am I to argue. I'll let the fans know when it is finished.

I recently participated in the Local Author Celebration at the Barnes and Noble in Ft. Lauderdale.  I would like to thank Mary Jordan of  Barnes and Noble for inviting me. It was a lot of fun and very successful.

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