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I am the author of a new murder/mystery entitled "Sawgrass" A tale of smuggling, greed and murder

Sawgrass sample page
    He could feel it. The rhythmic movement felt so good. He continued moving, pumping up and down. The sweat trickled down his back and face, dripping onto the thing of beauty below him. He felt the strain of holding himself up in his elbows and and the backs of his arms. He was close now, the tingling beginning in his feet and creeping up his legs and across his back. He felt a tingling in his left hip. It vibrated and squirmed. Dammit! The feeling registered in his brain. He had felt that vibration so many times. He braked ans slowed the bicycle, pulling off to the side of the road and onto the gravel shoulder. He reached down and pulled the pager from his waistband, pushing the little gray button, stopping its incessant humming. 
    Danny looked at the readout on the pager. SHIT! They knew where he was and had strict orders not to page him unless it was a dire emergency. He aimed the bicycle back onto the hot asphalt, stroking the pedals rapidly. Only two miles
to go until he reached the finish line. One hundred miles on a bicycle and he had almost made it without interuptions. Well, he would finish no matter what. He had pledges to meet. Lots of people had pledged money for the charity if he finished this ride and he would. Danny had never quit anything in his life. In Vietnam he had carried a wounded north vietnamese Major on his back for fifty miles. The other members of his platoon told him to just kill the bastard. When the interrogation team got through with the prisoner, the information they got saved the lives of a lot of american GIs.
    Danny eased himself off the bike and parked it next to his car. He retrieved the cellphone from the front seat and dialed.

    Detective Mike Richards answered the phone on the second ring.
    "Homicide Richards," he said with a bit of boredom.
    "Mike, Danny you rang?" Danny asked. " This better be real important."
    "Hey did you finish, I hope?" Richards grinned at the receiver. "I know today was important to you. Sorry."
    "Yeah, I finished. What is so important?"
    " They found our missing cop in an orange grove off Egret Road. I'm on my way out there. The boss wants you there."
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